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About XonaSoftware

XonaSoftware Inc. was founded by a small group of information technology experts with a common goal, "simplify the Application Life-cycle Management". The ever expanding number of brand-new technologies creates additional complexity within organizations. This in turn, forces businesses to focus more resources on solving IT problems and less time on their core business.

Businesses need to leverage technology to stay competitive but the technology should not overwhelm a company with different problems and challenges that negatively affect productivity. The use of any technology should be as transparent as possible throughout a company's activities. XonaSoftware aims to help companies lessen the technology burden.

Situate™, helps companies solve IT problems and reduce the resources required to keep businesses operational. Situate™ brings a uniquely innovative process to deliver and manage software systems to lines of business.

Principles Behind the Software

Building good software takes hard work and expertise. Building great software requires a foundation based upon a core set of principles.