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IT Automation Software

The simplest, most effective and affordable way to safely and securely automate virtually any support or business critical task.

How It Works

Learn how Situate™ IT automation software works.

  • Self-Documenting - Easy to Understand

    Visually build automated self-documenting IT support and business critical processes.

    Self-documenting Support Process
  • Automate What? | Devops Automation | Image

    Automate What?

    Situate™ IT Automation software will automate your IT processes that have become complex, arduous, time consuming and error prone.

  • Need Cross Platform IT Automation Software?

    Seamless across all well-known platforms

    Debian Support Process graphic | Replace Cron Job
    Ubuntu IT Process Automation | Replace Cron Job
    Centos IT Automation Solutions | Replace Cron Job
    Support Process graphic | Mandriva Replace Cron Job
    Microsoft graphic | Replace Windows Task Scheduler
    Mac OSX Automation Solution graphic | Replace Cron Job
    Fedora Support Process | Replace Cron Job
    Solaris IT Process Automation graphic | Replace Cron Job
    Redhat IT Automation Solutions graphic | Replace Cron Job
  • See the Value of Situate™ IT Automation Software

    So simple and effective, we use it! See one way XonaSoftware uses Situate™ IT Automation internally.

    ROI | IT Automation Software

Apply simple, effective and affordable automation and experience unparalleled productivity gains.


Situate™ turns complex processes into simple to follow workflow diagrams that are self-documenting.


IT automation software that creates safe, reliable and reproducible processes; reducing costs while improving productivity


XonaSoftware brings enterprise level automation software to any size organization by offering a pay-as-you-go license model

People are Talking   

"I have no doubt that Situate™ IT Automation software is a significant improvement over the other tools in the market. This is a game changer for any firm that adopts its use."

quote author image

Doug Puenner, former CTO,
Blue Capital Group, LLC

"We have been using Situate™ IT Automation for managing processes that are critical for our operations. We are pleased with ease of implementation, flexibility and most importantly reliability of Situate. Situate has helped us manage our applications centrally and efficiently. We have received excellent support from XonaSoftware during our implementation of Situate"

quote author image

Anand Vidya, Software Engineer,
Deutsche Börse

"We are pleased to include the Situate™ IT Automation solution as part of our robust support model. Situate™ has enhanced our ability to implement sophisticated workflows and to efficiently manage those workflows in a centralized location."

quote author image

Joe Clifford, CoFounder,
Sky Road, LLC.