Ready. Set. Automate

Spend less time putting out fires
and more time creating your vision.


Quickly transform your manual process
into an automated workflow.

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Centralized Control

Bring all your automation into a single pain of glass.

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Situate™ IT automation software transforms your time consuming, error prone and costly process into reusable automation routines.

At XonaSoftware, all we do is automation, and we have years of experience doing it for all kinds of companies. We understand your challenges and are fully committed to your success.


Turn any process into simple self-documenting to workflow


Automation software that creates safe, reliable and reproducible processes; reducing costs while improving productivity.


Pay-as-you-go license model makes automating any size organization affordable.

Manual to automatic

manual vs automated tasks
manual vs automated tasks


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I continue to be very impressed with Situate - it is very easy to use and set up. There are so many automated items I’d like to create, that would be so much easier to build in Situate vs. coding.

Erin Neer, Founder, Munirevs
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We have been using Situate to automate processes that are critical for our operations. We are pleased with ease of implementation, flexibility and most importantly reliability of Situate. It has helped us manage our applications centrally and efficiently. We have received excellent support from XonaSoftware during our implementation of Situate.

Anand Vidya, Software Engineer, Deutsche Börse
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We are pleased to include the Situate Automation solution as part of our robust support model. Situate™ has enhanced our ability to implement sophisticated workflows and to efficiently manage those workflows in a centralized location.

Joe Clifford, CoFounder, Sky Road, LLC.

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