Workload Automation and Orchestration

Automate processes, schedule tasks, create knowledge and eleminate errors. Discover how Situate can build a culture that embraces automation.

Workflow Engine

Workload automation by a powerful workflow engine.

No-code | Low-code

No coding required. Low-code available.

Job Monitoring

Real-time visibility into all automated jobs.


Automation jobs are self-describing for accurate documentation.

What we do

HyperAutomate Tasks

Turn those pesky infrastructure and operational tasks into fully automated

Cross-Platform Support

Most environments today have a mixed set of platforms. Situate Automation supports such platforms as Linux, Windows and OS-X.

Event Initiated

Workflows are initated and driven by all types of events: time, email, file, manual and even other workflows.

Out-of-the-Box Tasks

Out-of-the-Box tasks that perform common operations that make it simple to quickly build workflows to solve problems. Just drag-n-drop and go!

Training and Development

More than just software - bringing all our experience to offer the best training and custom development to meet the business needs.

Embrace Automation

Builds a culture that embraces change, which includes helping users to automate tasks that are repetive and menial.


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