General Questions

No. Managing Situate licenses is easy.

Pay-as-you-go Customers:
After you make your first purchase, your license is created. Then login to situate using the Situate GUI. The hello page will have a "Update License" button. Just press it and Situate will immediately apply a new license.

License + Maintenance Customers
L&M Customers will receive a license file once the contract is signed. Just copy the license.dat file into /opt/situate directory. Situate will find the new license in about 60 seconds.

XonaSoftware offers a free, 15 day trial of Situate. Go to the FREE TRIAL page. Then complete the request form and submit.

Situate can run on most available platforms, including: Linux, OSX, Windows and Solaris

Yes! With a single button push, Situate can import all your CRON jobs
Situate will transform CRON jobs into workflows and maintain the schedule that the CRON jobs was setup to execute.

Absolutely! Situate Automation software is designed as a multi-platform solution. Workflows abstract the platform layer to make creating automation simpler.

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