XonaSoftware Announces New Chief Technology Officer

(Chicago, IL. ) - XonaSoftware, Inc. a leader in automation software, today announces the appointment of Dave Carnal to the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Dave will be responsible for driving the strategic direction of XonaSoftware’s flagship product, Situate™.

“XonaSoftware’s CEO and Co-founder, Michael Mazzolini said, “I’m very excited to welcome Dave to the team. He is the ideal person to lead the charge that will drive our product in new, innovative ways.”

About Dave Carnal

Dave started his career 28 years ago at Chicago Research and Trading where he built solutions to monitor, automate and manage their proprietary trading business -- the very definition of DevOps long before the term DevOps was coined. Dave moved on to Bank of America where his solutions were involved in the automation and management of as many as 20,000 servers.

Having worked at companies from the small, entrepreneurial prop trading shop to the massive, Fortune 100, Dave has a unique perspective on all things IT.

"Too many organizations try and build systems. Systems rope you into doing things a certain way. Instead, we want to build an incredible swiss army knife.", explains Dave. "Individuals, in organizations, understand their business and its requirements better than anyone. We simply want to empower them with the right tools."

About XonaSoftware

XonaSoftware, Inc. (www.xonasoftware.com) experts in the area of IT automation is the maker of Situate™. It is the simplest, most effective, and affordable cross-platform automation software that turns those time consuming and error prone tasks into reusable automation routines. Situate will centralize and optimize IT support and business critical processes, drive efficiency, and reduce risk in your data center, the cloud, and legacy environments. XonaSoftware was the first to offer enterprise IT automation solutions as a monthly pay-as-you go service model, as well as, traditional license plus maintenance.