XonaSoftware Releases Situate™ 1.6.2 Automation Software

Adds Alert Trigger and Smart Templates

(Chicago, IL. ) - XonaSoftware, Inc., a leader in IT process automation, today updates Situate to 1.6.2, adding UI enhancements and fixes to improve managed file transfer and agent connectivity making an even better process automation solution.

“We believe Situate 1.7.1 is our best release yet”, says Mike Mazzolini, CoFounder of XonaSoftware. “It can turn time consuming and error prone processes into reusable automation routines. Situate’s the glue that links your business process to its technology dependencies”.

Situate 1.6.2 Features

Situate 1.6 features include the new Alert Trigger which allows users to start a workflow based on a monitoring event; Deploy-Free Execution that removes the need to deploy scripts or actions prior to execution - rather just embedding them within the workflow; Smart Templates that enhances managed file transfer by allowing templates to be rewritten during the file transfer process to become a specific configuration file at the destination environment.

“We keep moving forward, this point release update to Situate reaffirms our commitment of continuos delivery of value to our customers” says Mike Mazzolini, Co-founder of XonaSoftware.

About XonaSoftware

XonaSoftware, Inc. (www.xonasoftware.com) delivers a cost-effective automation solution to centralize and optimize IT support process, drive efficiency and reduce risk in your data center, the cloud and legacy environments. Organizations spend countless hours performing tedious, error-prone tasks. Integration of all revenue generating systems produces an unmanageable number of scripts and programs. This equates to time, money and risk. With Process Automation 2.0, companies engage in a paradigm shift toward a smarter more effective business. Technology is simplified! People become more efficient, cost is reduced and errors are eliminated.