XonaSoftware Updates Situate™ Automation Software

(Chicago, IL. ) - (Chicago, IL. August 19th, 2014) - XonaSoftware, Inc., a leader in IT automation software, today released Situate 1.7.1, a significant update to its one-of-a-kind automation software, which introduces Windows Powershell support to run scripts on any Windows computer; adds attachments to its built-in mail tasks; enhances file transfer capabilities; and a dozen other enhancements to its workflow engine.

“We believe Situate 1.7.1 is our best release yet”, says Mike Mazzolini, CoFounder of XonaSoftware. “It can turn time consuming and error prone processes into reusable automation routines. Situate’s the glue that links your business process to its technology dependencies”.

Situate 1.7.1 Features

Situate 1.7.1 adds support for Windows Powershell in its workflow engine, opening the door to creating powerful support and business processes that need operate on Windows computers. Users can call existing Powershell scripts, build and maintain Powershell scripts as embedded operations, or even execute a Powershell command block.

Situate builds upon its already useful mail task by adding support for file attachments making it even easier to build and send reports as part of a workflow process.

Enhanced file transfer capabilities include full support for unix chroot environments. Additionally, transfer logs have been added to the already useful task logs and provider insight into the transfer details, including: Elapse time, Transactions, Total files copied, Total bytes read, Total bytes transferred, and Compression amount.

Situate 1.7.1 gains overall workflow performance by significantly increasing its write performance operations to its embedded database that maintains all audit information.

About XonaSoftware

XonaSoftware, Inc. (www.xonasoftware.com) experts in the area of IT automation and makers of, SituateTM, the simplest, most effective, and affordable cross-platform automation software that can automate virtually any business-critical process. Situate will centralize and optimize IT support process, drive efficiency and reduce risk in your data center, the cloud and legacy environments. XonaSoftware was the first to offer enterprise IT automation solutions as a monthly pay-as-you go service model, as well as traditional license plus maintenance.