XonaSoftware Releases Situate™ Automation 1.9.1 - Adds Workflow Restart

(Chicago, IL. ) - XonaSoftware, Inc., a leader in automation software for capital markets, today released Situate 1.9.1 and introduces workflow restart feature. This adds capabilities for customers to quickly restart a failed workflow at the failure point. This is a major release of its automation software.

Workflow Restart Capabilities

Situate now has the ability to restart a workflow that has failed. When restarted, a workflow will continue from the task that failed. In the case of a split, the entire split or only the sequences that failed may be restarted. “Workflow restart capabilities saves customers significant time and effort when long running proceses fail for unknown reasons.”, said Mike Mazzolini, XonaSoftware’s Co-founder.

Change / Reset Variables

To compliment the workflow restart feature in Situate 1.9.1, at the time a workflow is restarted, it is possible to change the value of variables that are part of your workflow.

Expanded Database Support

Situate already supported interfacing to MySQL via the database task, but now supports Microsoft SQL Server and Postgress, as well as MySQL.

Situate’s existing features already include centralized management to view of all your automated operations; Self-documentation; Animated real-time workflow views; RESTful api; Managed file transfer; Auditing, logging and reporting capabilities; Powerful workflow engine to manage the execution and orchestration of IT and business process; Variety of triggers to help initiate workflows based on time events, file events, and other workflows; Secure connection with SSL; Linux, Windows, Mac-OSX, etc; and easy installation to get it all running without problems.

About XonaSoftware

XonaSoftware, Inc. (www.xonasoftware.com) experts in the area of capital markets automation and makers of, SituateTM, the simplest, most effective, and affordable cross-platform automation software that can automate virtually any business-critical process in your front, middle and back office operations. Situate will centralize and optimize process, drive efficiency and reduce risk in your data center, the cloud and legacy environments. XonaSoftware was the first to offer enterprise automation solutions as a monthly pay-as-you go service model, as well as traditional license plus maintenance.