Situate™ Workload Automation Features

Situate™ Workload Automation Features

  1. No-code | Low-code - Simple creation of reusable automation process.
  2. Use low-code pieces of Javascript to manipulate your data, control workflow behavior and implement business logic.
  3. Centralized control. Manage thousands of workflows across thousands of computers in one central console.
  4. Visually stunning self-documenting worklow diagrams promote documentation and intra-team communication.
  5. Real-time process reporting and continous audit to support SOX.
  1. Flexible submission and approval process to support rigorous production changes (ITIL) without handcuffing development teams.
  2. Quick and easy installation - running in 20 mins or less. No 3rd party dependencies or licenses.
  3. Scalable from one to thousands of computers.
  4. Easy integration using REST and Java APIs. Anything you can do in the UI, you can do from REST.
  5. Rich palette of out-of-the-box tasks, triggers and other workflow components.

Task Palette

The task palette provides a rich variety of out-of-the-box tasks you can drag into your workfow and wire together with your business logic.

  • Run bash, cmd or powershell commands anywhere.
  • Integrate with RESTful services.
  • Query/Update Databases.
  • Interact with users and other systems.
  • Generate Reports (integration with JSReport).
  • Send rich, HTML-formatted email with attachments and inline images.
  • Start/Stop applications.
  • Load-balance tasks across available assets.
  • Execute managed file transfer.
  • Schedule other workflows.
  • Start/stop/modify windows services.
  • Reboot Computers.
  • Execute other workflows.
  • Serial and Parallel sequences.
  • Wait on tasks or other events.
    ... and much more.


There are many ways to start a workflow.

  • Sophisticated single and compound schedules.
    • Calendar support.
    • All world time zones.
    • Business days support with adjustments for holidays and weekends.
    • Recurring schedules such as “every 10 minutes until 4:00 AM”.
  • File system changes such as when new files appear or exsiting files change.
  • Email is received.
  • Webhooks from integration with web services.
  • Business events
    … and more.


Document your workflows with text boxes, clouds and other shapes.

Draw lines and arrows add other decorations to document workflows to convey how they work to others.

Manipulate Data

Read and write data as...

  • Text
  • JSON
  • Excel
  • CSV
  • XML
    … and more

Managed File Transfer

High-performance cross platform file copy/move/sync across all the machines in your organization.

  • Changes only mode with remote index caching.
  • Differential file transfer with append-optimized mode.
  • Dynamic compression and bandwidth management.
  • Filtering.
  • Fully Audited.

Date and Time

Compute date/time values such as “next business day”, “the friday before a holiday”, to control workflow schedules or how filenames, directories and other resources should be referenced.

  • Built-in calendar support to represent holidays and other events.
  • Support for .ICS calendars such as google calendars.
  • Support for all world time zones.
  • Schedule analyzer lets you test before you run.
  • World views allow workflow history and future schedule prediction to be dispayed from the perspective of any world time zone.


Both RESTful and Java APIs are available. Anything you can do in the UI, you can do from REST.


Configurable notification of workflow failures (or success)

  • Notification process runs a workflow to give you complete controll over how that process works
  • Let's you control escallation
  • Supports EMail out of the box
  • Examples for using SMS via are available.
  • Notification emails contains self-diagnosed root-cause analysis.

Security and Audit

  • Integrates with your existing security model.
  • AD Integration
  • Role-based controls for users and ACL-like permissions on resources.
  • Flexible submission and approval process gives ITIL compliance to production while giving developers “constrained” freedom.
  • Satisfy SOX compliance with deep audit to answer and report on everything.
  • All data communication secured by SSL with certificates that exceed most military-grade requirements.

Installation and Configuration

  • Agent supports all popular Linux distributions and all modern Windows versions
  • Server Installs on all popular Linux distributions in about 20 minutes
  • Fully self-contained. No 3rd party licenses.
  • Run in the cloud, on premise, private cloud or a mix of it all
  • Server works with remote agents with no need for a VPN.
  • Integrates with popular monitoring products.


  • Expert technical support
  • Custom integration work
  • Custom workflow design and consultation
  • Training